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Toronto, Ontario, Freelance Copywriter,
Toronto, Ontario, Freelance Copywriter, Toronto, Ontario, Freelance Copywriter, Toronto, Ontario, Freelance Copywriter,

A husband that cooks

I love my kitchen. The appliances may be old, the walls stained yellow, the tiles outdated and the storage space sparse but I love just being in my kitchen – because it is the room where I can create.

Lazy Sunday mornings, I riffle through the fridge and try to make brunch out of that week’s leftovers – be it blueberry waffles, breakfast burritos, strawberry shortcakes, pancakes, French toast, ham and cheese croissants – or in the case of last weekend, chocolate cake I forgot to serve at the dinner party on Friday. I enjoy the slow pace of Sunday morning and the quiet time I have in the kitchen by myself, sipping a cappuccino and inventing brunch.

My dinners are best on a Friday night. After a long week, I sink into my comfy sweatpants and whiz around the kitchen, roasting beef or chopping veggies– still buzzing from the hectic work week. But it is not every night I have the energy to cook and not every day I want to cook alone.

It is times like this that I learn to truly appreciate how fantastic it is to have a spouse who enjoys cooking. My husband and I cook together quite frequently. Instead of eating in restaurants on the weekends we have started to create fantastic meals together on Saturday and Sunday nights. That way  we can spend our money on food we are sure to enjoy. Sushi, fondue, steak, curries… the list goes on.

We almost always grocery shop together, so that we can pick meals that we can both contribute to. While I am the main chef five nights a week, he is almost always the prep chef. Sometimes on a Wednesday night I don’t want to be in the kitchen and he’ll step up to fry the fish and I will mindlessly toss the salad.

I wouldn’t dare try and cook his famous roasted chickens or sticky ribs. He wouldn’t dare try my cheesecake or Beef Wellington. We know the boundaries. We know our strengths. Some of our best and worst moments are in the kitchen. When two people marry who are  passionate about food you can’t expect it any other way. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sorry ladies, he’s taken.

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