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Toronto, Ontario, Freelance Copywriter,
Toronto, Ontario, Freelance Copywriter, Toronto, Ontario, Freelance Copywriter, Toronto, Ontario, Freelance Copywriter,


I love my cookbooks. Some of them are stunning like Nigella Lawson’s How to be a domestic goddess and Deng Ming-Dao’s Zen, The art of modern eastern cooking.  I want to put them on the coffee table and admire the flour dustings and soya sauce stains on each page. But when our garden produces a juicy zucchini I need all recipes related to zucchini fast and easy - that’s where the internet comes handy and websites like Epicurious are my best friend.

Epicurious is the self proclaimed “World’s greatest recipe collection for people who love to eat”. The site includes thousands of recipes and it’s free! As a long time subscriber of Food and Wine magazine, I was upset when I found out they now require you to be a subscriber to access their recipes online. I much prefer the approach of Epicurious, owned by Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazine, because even though I don’t subscribe to the magazine, I still have access to the thousands of inventive recipes.

The advanced search option lets you search by ingredients, cuisine, course, preparation method and most importantly – time. Because let’s be honest, Tuesday night I don’t want to be slaving over the stove for two hours. So let’s say I feel like Chicken – Asian - Main Course– Stir Fry, I have 21 options come up including Sesame Chicken and Shitake Stir-fry  which only takes 30 minutes and sounds delicious.  Take your time to read the reviews from other readers at the bottom of each recipe to see what ingredients they have added or subtracted to make each recipe their own.

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