Award Pool

When pandemic hit hard in Toronto in March 2020, we were weeks away from opening an esports training facility in the west GTA. A physical location for kids to gather was no longer viable— it was time to pivot.

What kind of business do you start when you can’t leave the house? How do you keep three kids at home engaged and learning? Reuven’s answer, “Teach them what you know.” And what do we know? How to build a website and start a business. What had we been researching? Esports. What do the kids love to do? Game. The answer was there. Award Pool.

Our new family business, Award Pool, is an end-to-end esports management platform and is growing exponentially by the day. While I won’t claim to be the architect of this one – that would be Reuven – I am the voice behind the content, the marketing materials and pitches.

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