A storyteller and founder

Seasoned Marketer, Start-up Founder, Writer and Creative Director specializing in innovative, community-focused marketing strategies.  Brenda is a skilled writer, marketer and creative lead. Over the years, she has enjoyed working with various clients, including Microsoft, HP, Enomaly and numerous start-ups, to help improve their image through words and effective marketing campaigns. However, her favourite job is the one she has right now; writing and being the Founder/CMO of her own company, Award Pool, which she founded with her husband and three kids. Brenda’s goals for Award Pool include offering the platform to everyone, everywhere, to engage fans and grow their business.

recent journeys...


the family project
Brenda, her husband, and three kids make the most of the world lockdown by creating and founding a start-up, Award Pool.


growing community
Brenda puts her Founder and marketing skills to the test by organically building a loyal Award Pool community.


Trading pizza for ramen
Brenda releases her first book, Trading Pizza for Ramen, a semi-autobiographical middle-grade novel about a family that relocates overseas.