How-to content, a Laywomen's job

How-to content, a Laywomen's job

Reuven is the tech guy in our marriage and our companies. I’m the writer. Yes, I can build a simple blog or website, I used to write how-to articles for Microsoft, and I’m pretty good at telling you what your website needs, but I’m certainly not a developer. I think my nine year old is already ahead of me in that respect. However, there is something crucial to having a layman/woman such as myself to review a website created for the average user, especially when the developer is an above-average user (See @ruv “one of the Founders of Cloud Computing”).  

Last week I started to write the how-to manual for Award Pool , our latest venture, and I’ve learned more in five days than I did in the weeks we wrote the business plan. It’s one thing to discuss high-level concepts, it’s another to logon, and step-by-step try to do it.

We have users already hosting tournaments and building leagues on Award Pool, but they have had the opportunity to work directly with Reuven on any questions or concerns. The how-to manual hopes to answer most questions without needing technical support from the person who created it.

Often UI testing is focused on functionality and overlooks language. We want to give Award Pool users access to all the website’s tools in a language they understand. Where a developer sees “integer” as the required answer, I see “Number of participants.” Where a developer sees “if this, then that.” I see “Paid Ticket”; therefore, please include “Price per ticket.” Where a developer sees “Design,” I see “Customize Tournament Homepage.”

While Award Pool appeals to esports enthusiasts, who are typically tech-savvy, the person developing the tournament may not be. Award Pool is a beast of a website with everything one needs to create, manage, host and fulfill an esports tournament, and the use-case opportunities are endless.

Are you looking to host a charity tournament to raise money for a local community? We make it easy! Was your corporate team building event cancelled due to COVID? Take that challenge online! Are the ten different services and spreadsheets you use to manage your Overwatch league getting out of hand? Take control! Do you game with a large group of friends? Create your contest, sell tickets, build a prize pool and make it happen.

There are many opportunities to utilize Award Pool. It’s my job to make sure you have simple instructions to use the website without being “the founder of one of the first cloud companies..”

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