NFT and Book Publishing

NFT and Book Publishing

There are times when my two worlds collide. The one where I am a writer and the one where I am a tech start-up co-founder. Understanding the cross-section of NFT and book publishing is understanding how you can use today’s technology to engage and excite readers.

When you publish a book, you release it in print and digital format, but you need to open your mind to other ways to engage your readers. Much like the insert in a record album or the inside pages of a wrapped book, only after purchasing is it accessible. With NFT, you can include all sorts of digital assets to re-create that special feeling of something only the owner can enjoy.

For example, you can offer a limited edition cover or an alternate ending. How about a secret message from a beloved character? Collectable location or character cards? There are many fun and unique digital assets (as NFT) to complement your book.

You can use NFT to award your super fans with badges and trading cards. Digital trading cards of villains and heroes. Badges for young readers who have read X amount of books in a series. You could even sell the entire book as an NFT file with limited or first edition options to create excitement.

Many ask how I can be sure those NFT won’t be duplicated and shared? Well, the truth is, you can copy any digital file, but when a digital asset is minted as an NFT, its purchaser can show proof of purchase. The NFT can be locked where only the holder has access to it and the unique files within. You can make that utility special by having a one-off NFT that unlock something only that holder can enjoy. Unlock secret passages within the NFT for readers to discover. Give access to a metaverse of your fantasy novel. Give access to additional lectures and teaching materials of your how-to book.

Now that your creative juices are flowing, think about using NFT to engage and reward your readers. Rather than thinking that the digital world is taking over print, think of it as a way to enhance your story and engage your readers.

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