Kindness is not a weakness

Kindness is not a weakness

A group of women that I meet with once a month called The Wild Collective tried a “Vision Board” practice last month. It’s where you attempt to write down who you want to be and visualize your future and current self. It’s not easy, and most of my answers were weak at best – walk more, write more, resist the chocolate – but one thing that came to me is something I saw on a t-shirt once: Kindness is Not a Weakness.

Kindness comes in many forms. For example, I’ve been told many times that I need to be better at speaking my truth and making my opinion known. While I agree with this statement, is it always necessary to lead the conversation and push your agenda? I prefer to be thoughtful and try my best to listen. I believe a good listener is needed in every encounter – be it a friendship, dinner party or office meeting.

I often find that people want to give their opinions because they want you to listen. Unless someone is stepping on one of my core beliefs, I’m not going to start an argument to speak my truth, when most times, the person just wants to be heard. Holding my tongue and opening my ears is one way I show kindness and it is not a weakness.

How do you show kindness?

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