Why is Ramen so popular

Why is Ramen so popular

Ramen’s origin can be traced back to the late 19th century when Chinese immigrants started to frequent Japan. They brought with them a thin noodle in broth called lamian. Over time, it evolved to become what we know today as ramen, a staple in Japanese households, street vendors, vending machines and restaurants across the world. 

Most recently, it became so popular as a lunch option in my son’s Grade 7 class, that his teacher had to purchase a kettle for the classroom to keep kids from running down the halls with piping hot water from the science room. 

Why is ramen so popular? I believe it’s two things - customization and comfort. 

In Trading Pizza for Ramen, Jacob compares ramen to pizza as both can be modified and filled with flavours and ingredients of the chef’s choice. The broth can be made with a variety of ingredients, including miso, soy sauce, pork bones, and chicken. You choose your broth, your noodles, and your toppings - bringing out the chef in each of us. Just as you would customise the toppings, cheese and sauce of your pizza, ramen lets you customise each layer and flavour. 

Comfort food is all we ever really want. Eating should bring you joy, comfort and security. Ramen is like a bowl of Saftas Matzah Ball Soup or Nonna's Lasagna. It provides warmth and nourishment. It’s affordable to make and loved by almost every member of the family - yes, I know there is always one….

Ramen is the answer to what can I make that is cheap, fast, will work with what I have lying around in the fridge and that everyone likes.

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